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Dalisia Coppersmith, MS, MDiv

Certified Executive Coach; Board Certified Meditation Specialist;
20+Year Organizational Development Consultant

Dalisia is an internationally experienced speaker, coach, author, and founder of the Reviving Athena movement—her personal mission to “restore the women who can change our world.” She specializes in dissolving unconscious resistance to women’s leadership and elevating those who build inclusive organizations and vibrant communities.

Dalisia’s Story

Dalisia has always been the “strong” one in the bunch, wherever she landed–whether in a classroom, in the military, in relationships, or in her career. She spent decades learning to soften and adjust for others–to the point of almost losing her true self.

She chose to stop that spiral and regain her unique identity by exploring the roots of resistance to female leadership and sharing how we can overcome it to change our world for the better. Her work clarifies what’s really going on behind people’s labels and isolation of assertive women who lead.

Dalisia is also a wife, mother, veteran, and spoiled dog mom who loves trekking across the California desert with a good podcast that expands her heart as much as her mind. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more!

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“Many of my coaching clients are assertive, high achieving women who face the same resistance that I do every day. When I hit a nerve with them—in a good way—it shows me just how isolated they feel and how deeply they long to be understood and accepted in this world.”

—Dalisia Coppersmith

Our Mission

Reviving Athena is a movement to end the timeless, quiet war against assertive, high-achieving women. We believe that every global and local crisis could be solved by restoring women to their rightful place of co-leadership and authority in our world. Our contribution to making that happen includes: Speaking, Coaching, Courses, and Special Events curated just for you.

When the world constantly tells us we are too this, not enough that, far too outspoken, direct, driven, etc., we start to believe it! We begin apologizing for ourselves, bending and contorting to change for others just to earn their acceptance…and it’s never enough. What results is a diminished sense of who we are, a muting of our life force and depletion of our joy and energy.

Our goal is simple, but daunting: to inspire organizations, communities, and families to embrace the talents and leadership of the very women whose wisdom and courage can transform our world. We can dissolve resistance to female leadership one story, one moment, at a time.

Dalisia’s Credentials

Certified Executive Coach

(College of Executive Coaching)

Certified Coach Practitioner

(Certified Coaches Federation)

Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy
& Pastoral Counseling

The Art of Coaching

(NTL Institute)

Coaching for Improved Performance

(NTL Institute)

The Leader as Coach Intensive

(Bluepoint Leadership)

Revive Learning & Wellness and the Reviving Athena brand are a minority, woman, and veteran owned small business in California. We are proud to support women’s, minorities’, and LGBTQ+ initiatives. Please reach out if we can help you achieve your personal or organizational goals.