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Why We Resist Women Who Lead

Learn about the roots of resistance to female leadership—especially where assertive women are concerned—and how to address the subtle dynamics that sabotage some of our best leaders. We need the fighters, the ones who make us uncomfortable and challenge us to be better. Let’s work to overcome this timeless dynamic so we can put the right people in leadership at the right time and make better decisions together.

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What Your Team Isn’t Telling You: The Assertive Woman’s Guide to Hacking Passive Aggression at Work

If you’re an assertive, high achieving woman, you’ve most likely experienced a whisper campaign against you at some point. One minute everything is fine, then suddenly—the room goes quiet when you walk in or speak up. Let’s turn that around and connect instead! This eBook demystifies a challenge experienced by assertive women everywhere.

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Top Ten Work/Life Derailers for High Achieving Woman

By taking inventory of any work/life derailers that could be blocking you from wholehearted living, you’ll be able to apply their remedies immediately—and integrate this self-awareness into a longer-term plan for your personal growth and wellness. The result of investing in that work now will be the more relaxed, loving, and intentional you that you’re searching for.

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Dalisia’s Videos

Why We Resist Women Who Lead

You know it when you face it—resistance to female leadership. But where does this come from and why are we still facing it today? Learn about the roots of resistance to female leadership and how to overcome it at work.

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What Is Maternal Triangulation?

Part 2 in the series on resistance to female leadership covers maternal triangulation. This carryover from family systems shows up on the job and results in no-win situations for assertive, high achieving women.

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How to Spot Paternal Approval Seeking at Work

Part 3 in the series on resistance to female leadership covers paternal approval seeking—another carryover from family culture that creates competition for male approval and diminishes women who lead.

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The Power of the Inner Teenager

Part 4 in the series on resistance to female leadership covers the inner teenager and its power over workplace dynamics. When adults regress, very little productive interaction can happen until it is addressed.

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Episode 10: Overcoming Resentment on Your Team

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